My decision to homeschool… ♡

    ☆  Learn to love. Love to learn. ☆

This blog post is about my journey and decision to homeschool my little loves. This is not a post regarding why I think people should / should not homeschool as I totally understand it is not for everyone. This post is more for the curious people who ask me why I chose this path and now I can redirect them here.

Grateful for the option/opportunity to home educate – I am very appreciative that I am able to homeschool my little loves as I know many parents who would love to homeschool, however cannot due to reasons such as the law in their country having banned homeschooling, financial difficulties resulting in both parents having to work, partner not supportive of their choice to homeschool and other personal reasons specific to individuals. Alhamdulillah (all praises and gratitude is due to God) that I have finally been able to start this journey to homeschool my little loves!

Socialisation – There is a big misconception regarding home schooled kids being socially deprived. I have no concerns regarding my girls not developing social skills. In fact, I am very happy that homeschooling allows children to interact with people from different ages, cultures and walks of life. I have friends who have homeschooled their children and those kids are not shy! They are well rounded, polite, bright young people. There are many school kids who are very anti-social. Let’s talk about them, shall we! Alhamdulillah (all praises and gratitude is due to God) that we live in Leicester where there is a large homeschooling community. Meet ups and clubs are a constant. My little loves love meeting my friends, spending time at the library where she can meet other children and meeting my large family.

Faith –Religiously there are certain things I do not want my kids to be exposed to. I want to ensure Islamic morals and characteristics are a part of my daughter’s upbringing so that they can be successful in this life and the next, in sha Allah (God willing). I definitely do not agree with school kids being introduced to sex education under the age of 10!

Bullying and peer-pressure – I am fully aware that schools do what they can to prevent bullying and limit the peer-pressure but their impacts are still widely felt. I was severely bullied in school by the why I looked. I laugh about it now but the scars are deep. Having no friends and having to sneak into the same toilets every lunch to eat and pass the time so I am not caught walking alone. Being teased for smelling of curry and my oily hair (thanks mum!) and dreading the moment teachers would announce we needed to get into pairs or groups as I had no one to couple up with :(! I am worried that my daughters may experience the same. It’s the natural protective instinct in me. I do not want my daughters to witness and be exposed to the fact that this world can be such a mean place and that you are judged by the way you look! Some parents may says that bullying and peer-pressure is good as that prepares kids for life but since when are adults bullied in work places, college/ universities or on day to day basis?!

School runs –I don’t think so!  Waking up early every morning to rush and get the kids out of the door, into the car and rushed into school and then being stuck in traffic picking kids up from school, not for me! I looking forward to waking up late and studying in our pyjamas 😛

Simply wanting my kids around me!- Is it wrong to just want my kids around me all the time? Yes, there are stressful times but every small moment of happiness makes up for it. Nowadays, teachers spend more time with kids than their own parents. Personally, I find that really sad. My loved ones have always known how much I could not wait to get married and have children. I think I have had my time alone in my younger years and there will be a time when my loves will want their own space. I just want to cherish them and have them around me all the time now and be their primary influence in sha Allah (God willing) that it’s always positive influence. I always remind myself that the days are long but the years are short with the love bugs.

Lastly, learning as we go – I love homeschooling because it involves me learning as we go. Learning together. Educating my kids and educating myself. It’s an opportunity for growth for me personally and the best part is that I will be doing it with my girls!😍

We are taking things slow and steady. The goal is to homeschool until my girls finish their GCSEs, in sha Allah (God willing). Excited about the future and we will see where Allah takes us.

Lots of love and duas. Nasima ♡

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